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Under Armour

I signed my first brand deal with Under Armour, a global game-changing sportswear brand, when I was 16 in 2021. Since then, we have grown together and worked collaboratively on many projects- including a mini documentary, being a part of a video series encouraging people to push to their limits at the UA Combine. The journey and collaboration continues with plans in motion for the year ahead.


A brand focused on health and excellence that aligns closely with my own values. I was unveiled as USANA’s newest athlete and only female footballer and gave an introductory speech to 800+ in attendance at USANA’s 2024 Kick Off event in Singapore.


Collaborating with 100PLUS, we hope to inspire the sporting community of Singapore from all walks of life- encouraging an active lifestyle no matter their situation. Even 10,000+ km away from home, I constantly share how 100PLUS aids in my recovery as an athlete. I will also be featuring in events with 100PLUS when I’m back in Singapore in June/ July during my off season.

Partnering with some of the biggest brands