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Get ready for the UA Combine. Singapore national footballer Danelle Tan shows you how to improve your agility.

Prepare to test your limits at the UA Combine with 4 cities, 8 tests, 1 day, 0 excuses.

UA COMBINE is a first of its kind, 1-day training competition for athletes from any sport or training discipline, to benchmark their performance against other athletes in their country and compete head-to-head to prove that Under Armour makes you better.

Competing athletes will put themselves through the 8 toughest tests our sports scientists can devise, challenging their agility, stamina, vertical, power, endurance, strength, speed, and cognition. Points will be earned for each completed test and athletes will be ranked according to their result. At the end of the competition, one man and one woman in each country will be crowned the Champion for Combine 2022.

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